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Work as a Disney Character

Disney characters put the magic in the Magic Kingdom.
It really is possible to be a princess, Snow White, or even Mickey or Goofy; and get paid to do it! Disney is continually looking for fun and outgoing people to portray Disney characters in various venues. Disney cast members dress up as their assigned character, greet visitors, take photographs with guests, perform in Disney shows, and contribute to the enchanted atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom. Disneyland characters are called cast members, and most are chosen by application and audition.

What to do:

1 Visit the main career website for Disney resorts, where you will find descriptions for every category of position, for which Disney is currently hiring. Click on the “Entertainment” category for specific information on opportunities available as a Disney cast member. Research the various roles available and have an idea what role is best suited to your personality and talents. Clicking the entertainment category will also give you information on salaries and general responsibilities of cast members.

2 Select ‘Apply Now’, to get specific instructions on how to apply to be a cast member: The application steps will be outlined in detail. You will be asked to create a profile, and to agree to the guidelines required by Disney, in order to continue. You will be given detailed guidelines on appearance and conduct for Disney cast members. The requirements are specific and very strict, so if you are unable to fulfill the requirements, you will not be hired.

3 Call the Disney Jobline if you have any questions about job requirements, guidelines, or the application process. The Jobline can help you through the process, and also give you information on special hiring events in and around your location.

4 Go to ‘Disney Auditions’ from the Entertainment page, if you are interested in a role as an onstage performer. Auditions are an essential part of the hiring process for onstage performers; on the Audition page, you will find detailed information on the audition process, requirements for prospective performers, and an audition calendar. Prospective performers must attend an audition in person, in order to be considered for employment.

If you cannot find a role as a cast member that is suitable for you, explore other opportunities on the main career page: Disney is always hiring for many other functions in their theme parks, cruise ships, hotels, and shows.

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