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Work as a Body Double

A body double replaces a featured actor, for close-ups of certain body parts. Body doubles first received media prominence after a model substituted for Julia Roberts in some opening shots from “Pretty Woman.” This is an interesting career choice and here are a few things to remember, for those who may be interested:

1 Assess your body. Concentrate on your best feature, which will be most likely to get you a work in this field.  Hand, foot, and leg models are always in demand, oe if you are really in shape; body doubles are used for nude scenes, so consider the filming of your butt and breasts, ladies, or butt and pecs gentlemen.

2 Find casting agencies that specialise in body doubles: Consult large modeling agencies and ask if they send models  on casting calls for body doubles, and/or specific body parts.

3 Stay in shape: For instance; Get regular pedicures if you are a foot model, manicures if you’re a hand model, and get on the exercise bike if you are a leg model.

4 Look into print and TV work as well as movies. Body double work is increasing, but it is hard to earn a full-time income this way, so remember that other mediums; including web, print advertising, and TV commercials,   also hire models to show off specific body parts.

5 Be prepared for on-call status if you are a performing body double: A musician may be called in to substitute for an actor who can’t act at playing an instrument, or an athlete may be called in as a body double for an actor in a baseball scene, for example.

Even if you are a fully trained actor; it is often very difficult to find parts, and often there are long periods of ‘resting’. Offering your services as a body double gives you more chance of continuing work.

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