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Train in Underwater Welding

How to Get Trained in Underwater Welding
Welding; the art of heating metal to fuse together; is an integral part of the construction industry. To take these skills underwater, requires a lot of training and practice. It also requires flexibility of your schedule, as there are only a few underwater welding jobs a year. Use these steps to learn more about underwater welding and where to find training in this unique field:

1 Decide if you are interested in using your underwater welding skills, to work for a construction company, or for other pursuits like the military. If you choose the military, they will provide all the training you need.

2 Contact an underwater construction company, and ask what they require in the form of training, and where their employees get their training. This also shows that you are willing to work within their guidelines, and that you are serious about the prospect.

3 Research schools that offer underwater welding or commercial diving courses. In the USA, among the most well known schools are the College of Oceaneering in California, and the International Diving Institute.

4 Start as a commercial diver, and work your way into welding, or vice-versa; whichever path you decide to approach first, most wet welding programs will require proficiency in both trades.

Learn all the skills you will need to be a versatile underwater construction worker: This is important. since there are only a few wet welding jobs available each year.
Always make sure to wear the proper safety gear when welding, diving, or both.

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