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Starting a Portable Welding Company

When one does not possess adequate or any welding experience, for that matter, a welding company’s services can provide the customer, as an individual, or a firm with welding services. Even if one is a novice or even an experienced welder, a company or individual may merely lack welding machines and supplies, readily available to a welding company. Welding services are performed by portable welding company professionals in a safe manner, using appropriate equipment and materials, for the convenience of a welding company’s customers.

Embarking upon setting up a portable welding business can be a is a lucrative chance to start a small business. One of the primary reasons why it’s a great idea to set up a firm of this type is the simple process of setting up this type of activity in comparison to opening a physical company location. When one reduces costs by beginning a mobile business with no office location, it can easily and quickly become a steady income opportunity for the small business owner and its employees.

However, beginning a portable welding company does require certification and an operating license. A vehicle and equipment will also need to be acquired, if you don’t already have a vehicle to operate for your business or the tools to professionally perform the job. Further, marketing costs and methods must be taken into consideration. Below are the steps involved in beginning a mobile welding business, simplified.

  1. You require certification from an accredited welding educational program that shows that you have been trained in this field if you are not already trained in this career trade. A useful locator tool to use is the American Welding Society School’s locator to find an appropriately accredited educational program to learn the welding trade near you.
  2. You can obtain a license for welding when you are applying to the licensing board in your state. To achieve this task, you’ll be required to perform a licensing exam. This exam will test you on your knowledge about subjects, such as welding equipment, processes, fabrication, and how to make repairs using welding. Your state licensing board’s website often has application forms and allows you to schedule the examination. If those options are not available, a contact phone number will show you how to reach the board to find out how to obtain these materials and to schedule an exam. You will further need to obtain a business license to practice in your locale.

You will need to acquire necessary welding tool to operate your business efficiently. You can either purchase new tools from any welding supply retailer, but you also have the choice of buying equipment through auctions, both online and offline, which is a great option for a new business with minimal start-up costs. You will require equipment, such plasma and air cutters, mig and tig machines for welding, a fume extractor, a respirator, and welding helmets. Additionally, you will require safety gear, such as welding blankets, goggles, hoists, and abrasives.

  1. You can locate an appropriate business vehicle for your welding company at virtually any truck or van dealer to transport your company’s welding equipment to the sites where your customers have hired you to work. It’s an excellent advertising opportunity to have your company name and contact information written on the side of your van, truck, or other vehicle.
  2. It’s smart to approach businesses in your area to locate clients seeking your services, such as electricians, contractors, HVAC companies, farms, auto parts stores, mobile home dealers, and restaurants. It’s a professional touch to send an introduction letter to these businesses to let them know what types of welding services you intend to extend to your customers. Visiting businesses or individuals that you feel may require your services and introducing yourself and your services to them is also an intelligent plan.
  3. An easy and effective advertising method for your new business is to share a business card or a magnet with your business details on it, including advertising materials. Magnets are a convenient option, because it can be affixed to a refrigerator or any other metal surface, which gives it longer periods of visibility, and of course, it lasts longer than a business card made of paper that can be lost of discarded. A convenient and easy way to create lasting, advertising that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, building a simple website with your contact details, clearly stated on the site in an easily accessible manner is an effective advertising option that works!


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