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Open Your Own Beauty Salon

If you are starting up a new beauty salon then without doubt you’ll have a lot of things to think about, says the owner of Jesabella Nails. There is the rent, hiring in therapists, training in different therapies and working out how you are going to advertise. A really important part of setting up a beauty business though is the salon equipment as this can really make the difference between an average treatment and one that really stands out to the customer.

When you buy beauty salon equipment for your business, whether you are offering botox treatmentsmanicures, or not only are you trying to find equipment that does the best treatment possible but also provides a great look. More than many other businesses, the image of your salon will go a long way to deciding how successful you are, because people are used to the sleek and modern salons that are doing well at the moment.

With both these points in mind, it becomes very important to make sure that you don’t just buy the cheapest possible equipment but invest in some that is going to last a long time as well as provide the service that your customers will demand.

So what kinds of equipment do you need to think about? Well first of all you need to get a good salon chair, one that is comfortable and looks great. A lot of treatments are based in the chair so it needs to be comfy even if sat in for a long period of time. It really ruins the relaxing effect of getting a beauty treatment if you can’t wait to get out of the chair because you are so uncomfortable! You will also need to get a few basins in too.

In general though the type of equipment that you will buy for your salon will depend on which kinds of treatments you want to offer your customers. For example if you are running a hair salon, then you will need to buy hair salon equipment such as scissors, all types of brushes, dryers and other kinds of specialist hair products. If you are going to be providing pedicure and manicure services then you will need to provide the right kind of equipment for that too.

The bottom line is that if you go out and buy the cheapest possible salon equipment it is likely to work against you rather than for you. People don’t just go to beauty salons to have the treatment but they also go for the whole experience, and if you are using tattered second hand equipment it reflects badly on your business as a whole and is likely to put people off coming back. Obviously you need to have a sensible budget and stick to it, but this is one area where paying a bit extra will probably pay off many times in return.

Thanks to Janette, owner of Designer Lashes for this article.

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