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Loft Conversion – A Profitable Solution to Increase the Value of Your Property

Most of us would like to have a lot more space in our homes. This is not just you or I that has this problem though, as the houses in the UK are on average some of the smallest throughout Europe, and most homeowners have a uphill struggle to balance living and storage space. While loft conversions may not be the only option available, considering that extensions and moving house can both be expensive, it is worth looking at some of the benefits to loft conversions and why it is a profitable solution that could even increase the value of your property.

Adds Value

Let’s dive right in and look at one of the most important benefits of loft conversions, the fact that it adds value to your home. Property experts and real estate agents all concur that converting your loft is one of the most potent ways to increase your home’s value. While Dulwich Loft Conversions say that it could increase the value by as much as 20%, Nationwide reported that converting lofts potentially could increase the value of most homes by as much as £37,000.

Simply put, there is no kind of home improvement that is as low cost and as high in value as a loft conversion.

Eliminates Moving Costs

Along with the ever-increasing stamp duty, property costs and solicitor fees are also creepy higher, making it more and more expensive to move home. Another great benefit of investing in a loft conversion is the fact that it means you don’t have to move house and still benefit from a bigger living space. The knock-on effect is that you:

Don’t need to find a new job or commute further to your existing job
Enrol and settle your young ones into a completely new school
Deal with packing and the various stresses that go hand in hand with moving

Increase Available Space In Your Home

It;s not just the additional room that you get from a loft conversion. Handle the planning stages right and you can provide your household with extra storage space below the new stairs and reduce the clutter building up in other rooms.

Furthermore, as you are essentially using unused space to create a new room or living/storage space it means you are not taking away from valuable space outside your property that you use regularly. That is something that happens when you invest in extensions.

Build a Room With an Amazing View

As we become so accustomed to looking out the same windows at the same views of our neighbourhood at street level, when you add a loft room, you are treated to a new view of the surrounding neighbourhood. You may be able to see further in town from the loft, or across fields and other interesting landmarks.

So, if you are contemplating moving or going through the hassle of extending your home to either side of your property, stop and give some thought to whether a loft conversion is possible. As the four points above show, there are many great benefits to gain from investing in this renovation work.

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