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How To Stealth Vape Like The Pros

As you’re probably aware you cannot simply whip out your vaping device at work and start clouding up the place wherever you go. Vapers have to exercise discretion in much the same way as smokers have had to for a while now. Many of the regulations regarding smoking in public apply equally to the practice of vaping.

Enter the art of stealth vaping which you will want to learn to avoid drawing unwanted attention when you absolutely need to vape in the real world. Here are some proven techniques which will have you stealth vaping in no time at all.

Your Equipment

Generally you can easily stealth vape regardless of the gear you’re using. Having said that it’s still a good exercise to train up using entry level vaping devices. This makes sense considering for stealth vaping you do not really need a device that is capable of significantly high wattage output. Many low wattage devices will make do just fine. Smaller profile devices also aid in your quest to stealth vape simply because the devices themselves are easily concealable in your hand.

A suitable stealth vaping set up also favours higher resistance coils in order to limit vapor production. Typically lower resistance coils are better suited to sub ohm vaping for the sake of making bigger clouds. Taking this a step further you’re better off using an e-liquid which contains higher PG content since high VG again is the mainstay of the cloud chaser.

Practical Stealth Vaping Techniques

Effectively hiding your vaping involves more than just opting for a physically smaller device for use in public. You need to learn how to hold your device in such a way that it goes unnoticed by folks around you. In addition to shrouding your mod by wrapping your entire hand around it, you should also practice covering up your tank when you’re not taking a draw.

On most vaping devices the tank sits atop the mod so it’s the most exposed part of your device. By holding your thumb around and to the outside of the tank you can add another layer of concealment. This also makes it look less obvious if you bring the device up to your mouth for a quick vape.

Now to the actual vaping. At all costs avoid taking a long stretchy inhale as this will produce too much vapor when you breathe out. Instead focus on taking short compact draws that will allow to you feel just enough vapor inside your lungs. Remember to take your device away from your mouth immediately after that initial draw of vapor.

At the same time you should still have some space left in there for more. The idea is you’re going to be taking in as much air as you can in addition to your vapor. So a short draw vape followed by slowly breathing in more air. This style of vaping allows the air to mix with the vapor you’re holding in your lungs to reduce the noticeable vapor when you eventually exhale. When you do let it all out do it slowly and stealthily.

Stealth vaping takes some getting used to but becomes easier once you get the hang of exactly how much vapor to inhale. Practice slow relaxed exhales while still cleverly keeping your device hidden inside your hand.

This style of vaping may require you to make fine adjustments to your nicotine intake for it to be effective. You may also need to play around with the PG/VG ratio of e-liquids to find the sweet spot that works for you. It will be pointless to stealth vape if it means you’re not getting sufficient satisfaction.


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