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Courtroom Clerk Job Description

Although the judge presides over a courtroom, the courtroom clerk ensures that the proceedings progress smoothly. The courtroom clerk keeps track of the cases, makes sure the appropriate people are in court, and coordinates with other court functions, such as the jury clerk and probation office.

General Duties
A courtroom clerk works in an administrative capacity, by managing the judge’s caseload and performing other duties.
Managing Courtroom Proceedings
A courtroom clerk attends all court proceedings and conferences. Some of his duties in maintaining orderly courtroom proceedings include:

1. Setting up the courtroom.
2. Confirming the presence of all required parties.
3. Managing recording equipment and preparing logs of recordings.
4. Taking notes of proceedings and preparing minutes.

Case Review
A courtroom clerk reviews cases and reports, for necessary action: He or she keeps statistical records of docket orders, pleadings, judgments, and minutes, using local automated systems. He reviews documents that have been electronically filed in assigned civil and criminal cases, to maintain quality control.

A courtroom clerk is the liaison between lawyers, the public, judges, and other governmental agencies. He does this to help cases proceed smoothly and efficiently.

A courtroom clerk keeps judges and chambers staff informed of case progress. He schedules court reporters and  interpreters, and coordinates proceedings with the jury clerk.

The duties above are for courtroom clerks that work in the United States District Courts, however duties for clerks in state courts are similar.

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