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Auditioning for a Commercial

If it is your first audition ever, or your first time auditioning for a commercial, or maybe you have been to an audition and felt like you didn’t know what was going on; in whichever case, these tips may help you with your confidence and how to focus on a great performance. 1 Plan your Route. Plot …

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Work as a Body Double

A body double replaces a featured actor, for close-ups of certain body parts. Body doubles first received media prominence after a model substituted for Julia Roberts in some opening shots from “Pretty Woman.” This is an interesting career choice and here are a few things to remember, for those who …

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Finding Work as a Musician

Being a working musician is not about filling 20,000-seat arenas on a world tour, but getting paid to ply your craft. It is the musician’s equivalent of being a character actor; you may never make it to the cover of any magazines, but you can make a living at what you love to …

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Work as a Disney Character

Disney characters put the magic in the Magic Kingdom. It really is possible to be a princess, Snow White, or even Mickey or Goofy; and get paid to do it! Disney is continually looking for fun and outgoing people to portray Disney characters in various venues. Disney cast members dress …

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