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Become a Construction Coordinator

There are only two areas of concern for a construction coordinator on a large building project, and these are cost and quality. These are also the two most crucial aspects of any construction project. Learn how to become the hard hat who tells the other hard hats what to do and when …

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Become a Construction Loan Broker

A construction loan broker helps facilitate the loan between the lending party, bank or mortgage company, and the borrower. Construction loans are usually paid out over the course of a project, as certain sections of the building are completed. The construction loan broker must understand all phases of the building …

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Find Construction Jobs Overseas

The need to rebuild in many parts of the world, including developing third world nations and high intensity war zones, has led to unprecedented construction recruitment, and opportunities for qualified and motivated workers.If you think you have got what it takes, read on: You Will Need: Qualifications and training in construction Willingness …

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Train in Underwater Welding

How to Get Trained in Underwater Welding Welding; the art of heating metal to fuse together; is an integral part of the construction industry. To take these skills underwater, requires a lot of training and practice. It also requires flexibility of your schedule, as there are only a few underwater …

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