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Legal Recruiters Are The Key To Being Hired Successfully

In order to open the right door, you have to have the right key. In order to land a satisfying, lifelong career in the legal profession, you need the right kind of key, and that key is a legal recruiter. Legal recruiters are helping many potential legal professionals, especially those …

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Courtroom Clerk Job Description

Although the judge presides over a courtroom, the courtroom clerk ensures that the proceedings progress smoothly. The courtroom clerk keeps track of the cases, makes sure the appropriate people are in court, and coordinates with other court functions, such as the jury clerk and probation office. General Duties A courtroom …

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Impress at your Office Assistant Interview

First impressions count: So much of making a good impression at a job interview depends on how one presents oneself. Appropriate dress, social skills, and interest in the job, may mean more than years of experience, or typing speed. Know the company and present yourself appropriately, when you want to get hired as an …

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Business Etiquette and Manners in the Workplace

Whether you are entering a new job, or you want to make a professional showing at your current place of employment, make sure that you understand the rudimentary elements of professional etiquette. While business etiquette and workplace manners may very slightly from company to company, you will find that basic …

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Become a Legal Receptionist

Lawyers need someone qualified to run the office during their court appearances, or whenever they are absent. A lawyer stays busy for many hours each day; they deal with clients, appear in court, and spend quite a bit of time on the road. They must also maintain an office, and lawyer’s office must …

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