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Business Etiquette and Manners in the Workplace

Whether you are entering a new job, or you want to make a professional showing at your current place of employment, make sure that you understand the rudimentary elements of professional etiquette. While business etiquette and workplace manners may very slightly from company to company, you will find that basic expectations are fairly consistent. Understanding workplace etiquette is essential to making a good impression and getting ahead.

Keep Up Your Appearance
Keep your work attire neat, whether your job requires a three-piece suit, or a T-shirt of a certain colour. Your work clothes should be clean, without holes, ironed, and should fit well. Even simple clothes look professional by virtue of being tidy, so pay attention to the clothes that you put on every morning. By maintaining a high standard in your appearance, you let the people around you know that you are invested in doing a good job. Neat and clean hair, discreet but stylish make-up for women, and a clean shave daily for men; all go a long way to maintaining a well groomed appearance.

Use Your Inside Voice
As the chief practitioner at www.theswindonchiropractor.co.uk I know when you work with other people, there is a certain amount of background noise that is to be expected. To a certain extent, a busy office creates a background noise that is helpful when keeping employees on task. Make sure that you do not go above a polite register, no matter what you are doing. Speak softly, especially if there are telephone conversations going on around you.

Respect the Privacy of Others
Full-time workers spend upward of 40 hours a week with fellow employees, and it can be tempting to talk about personal lives: While sharing good news is acceptable, gossiping about others is not, and office gossip can have severe consequences. Also remember that if you end up overhearing something that you should not, the right response is to move away from the conversing party and keep quiet about what you heard. Do not snoop when co-workers are away from their desks.

Take Responsibility for Your Duties
When you take on a job, you take on certain duties and responsibilities. If you cannot meet those responsibilities, or if something unfortunate happens due to your carelessness or neglect, make sure that you own up to it. Accept responsibility for what happened, and then make sure that you offer a solution that will prevent it from happening again. Also be sure to put in the time, to make sure any residual effects of your error are taken care of, without leaving the cleanup to someone else.

Recognise Shared Space
In many offices and businesses, there is a fair amount of shared space:Whether it is an employee lounge, or a staff kitchen, do your part to keep it tidy. Just picking up stray trash every now and then, can make that place more pleasant. Also remember that different people use the space for different reasons, and that while some of your co-workers might be up for a chat, others only want to get away from it all for a few minutes.

Business etiquette and manners should come naturally to anyone with a sense of decency, and will go a long way to creating peace and harmony in the workplace.

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