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Become a Home Decor Representative

Direct home decor sales can be an opportunity for people to make extra money, or even a full-time income, if the consultant puts enough time and talent into the endeavour. Home decor is one of many categories of items you can sell through a direct sales company. If you enjoy hosting parties in your home and homes of others, you may enjoy making money as a home decor representative. If you are successful, you will have the chance to help other people become home decor representatives as well.

1 Research home decor companies to see which ones offer a good package. You should be able to purchase products like beds with storage at a discount, earn a healthy percentage of your sales, and make additional money from referring other people; Start-up costs should be minimal. The decor products should be items that you believe will sell in your community: You can find information about different home decor companies on their websites.

2 Find out how many representatives there already are in your area, if possible. Often a company’s website will give you the name and phone number of the nearest representative to you. If there is a long list of representatives, be forewarned that you will have plenty of competition; There are only so many decorative pie plates, pillows, and candles that your neighbours need.

3 Call a representative near you and set up an appointment, to see the home decor products that are offered and discuss the opportunity to be a representative. In direct sales, the representative will earn a percentage of the sales made by customers who sign up. This percentage comes out of the company’s pocket, not the new representatives, so you should help out another representative by signing up with them, rather than directly through the company.

4 Wait at least 24 hours before you make a decision to be a representative for a particular company. Other representatives can be very strong salespeople, and you don’t want to be influenced by your emotions. Get out a calculator, and figure out exactly how much you can realistically expect to make every month with the company. Take into consideration how many contacts you have and how many other representatives are in your area. If you are not certain about the opportunity, talk to a representative from another home decor company.

5 Sign up with the company that offers the most money, has the best products, and the least competition. You may have to compromise, but choose the benefits that are most important to you.
Keep in mind that you will need to purchase quite a bit of inventory, to make the maximum number of sales. Your parties will be more interesting if there are products for people to examine and talk about, than if all you have is a catalogue. Also, if people can take products home with them immediately, they are more likely to make impulse purchases.

Make sure you genuinely like the product; otherwise you will have a difficult time selling it.

Consider where you will be hosting the parties: Does your home have a large enough space and sufficient parking? Is your husband willing to take the kids to the park that evening so you will be able to give your sales presentation uninterrupted? Professionalism will help you get more sales in this industry, just like any other.

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