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Become a Construction Coordinator

There are only two areas of concern for a construction coordinator on a large building project, and these are cost and quality. These are also the two most crucial aspects of any construction project. Learn how to become the hard hat who tells the other hard hats what to do and when to do it.

1 Work in entry level positions in the industries such as getting a job with an attic conversion company or kitchen extensions, to get an idea of the content of the construction coordinator’s job. This work may just be during high school summer vacations, but it will at least give you a taste of the nature of the work.

2 Consider an online degree in construction management, and see what it basically entails: Most of the better paid and more prestigious jobs as construction coordinators, require a college degree.

3 Research programmes that are a joint project between businesses and educational institutions; these are in place because of the current need for construction coordinators.

4 Peruse the descriptions of various job offers for construction coordinators; Note the various requirements. Note also that for the larger projects; a degree in civil engineering or architecture is often a requirement.

5 Choose an education that matches your career goals and educational opportunities. then apply to that programme. Study to get your degree, but during the process, continue to work in the construction industry;  networking whenever possible.

6 Secure an internship in construction coordination: Some of these are year-long placements following graduation. Some are more temporary; served during vacations while still at college.

7 Find employment using your degree, your experience, and your accumulated networking.

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