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Be a Landlord to Happy Tenants

Buying rental properties and becoming a landlord can be lucrative, but as every landlord knows; it is expensive every time a renter moves out, and the place has to be cleaned, painted, and prepared for the next.  Sometimes you even have to call in pest control Swindon to fumigate if the tenant have been really low on hygiene. Even though you take a deposit, most of the time it does not reimburse you for the damage, or the loss of money when the apartment sits empty, between tenants. Here are some tips on how to keep your tenants happy, and therefore less likely to want to move.

1 Contracts: Make sure the contracts are clear to the renter, and every possible scenario is included; for your own protection, as well as theirs.

2 Rules: Having defined rules for the apartment complex is necessary for everyone. Letting one tenant slide, will not only upset the other tenants, but will also create general animosity.

3 Listen: When a tenant complains about another tenant, do not ignore them, as you don’t want them to start fighting between themselves. It is to your benefit to listen to the tenant’s complaint personally, and then ask for feedback from another tenant, or the apartment manager/caretaker if you employ one, as well as asking for the opinion of the target of the complaint. Keep control of the conversation, so that it does not become full of gossip and name-calling.

4 Contact: Let them know when they should contact you and how: If you prefer a letter, a phone call, or an email, and then provide them with the necessary information. There is nothing worse than for a landlord to discover a tap has been leaking for months and has caused a lot of damage, because the tenant didn’t know how to reach him, or were afraid they would be charged for the repair.

5 Action: When a tenant needs a new garbage disposal, or their heating is on the blink, you must attend to it immediately. Every tenant should know before they sign the contract, that as a landlord you will respond when they need something fixed. Give them a list of what they should call about, and to whom. Whether it is leaking toilets, cockroaches, late rent, or noisy neighbours; they need to know that they can get a hold of someone when needed.

6 Be Professional: There is a very specific relationship between tenants and landlords, just like business owners and employees. You cannot afford to be friends, as this may also deteriorate the professional relationship, and cause you problems that may be irreparable. Do not become pals with your tenants; be a little aloof, yet always professional and friendly, and keep your personal life to yourself.

7 Upkeep: Every now and then, give a tenant a new sink or new carpeting. If you have had a tenant for a few years, they may need a new paint job, or a new kitchen floor. Keep them happy, and reward them for their loyalty by making their apartment feel fresher. They are less likely to think about moving to a newer apartment, if you are upgrading the one they have.

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