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Avoid Work From Home Scams

It can be easy to fall prey to work at home scams online: Some people are just out to get your money, so be careful when looking for lucrative work from home opportunities.

1. Do not ever pay someone for the opportunity to work at home. In almost all cases, if they ask you to pay for anything, it is a scam. In all my experience researching work at home opportunities, I can only think of a few lucrative situations where I had to pay, and these were for well established companies; like Avon, where you are paying for materials; so if you are unsure, don’t do it.

2. Be wary of any really new sites asking you to write articles, take surveys, or other ways to make money online. They won’t nesessarily be scams or bad sites, but it is best to stick with sites that are well established. Of course there are also many sites that will be great for writing articles, and some sites that take surveys, who are really legitimate and worth doing, so do some research, and look for reviews from previous or current workers on the Internet.

3. Research a website’s reputation before joining; first and foremost, do your research! Look for personal accounts from people you trust. Sites like hubpages and ezine articles are good to write for and get experience,  but you will only earn from advertising, so not much. You can offer yourself as a writer on iwriter or hirewriters, for example, where jobs are offered at fixed prices, or others like freelancer, where you bid for jobs and hope to be chosen.  For those with more than one language; online translating jobs pay very well, but are hard to find.

Millions of people work from home on the Internet, some as a little past-time to earn a little pin money, others as full time earning, so it is possible to do and to make money, but you should be aware of the pitfalls, and that there is a lot of competition for each project, so make sure you have a little more to offer, like certification in English grammar, or language skills.

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