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My Boss Hates Me Smoking…Are Quit Smoking Support Forums Effective?

If you have recently been searching online for products that will help you quit smoking, you probably came across a number of forums offering support to people quitting.  The main purpose of these forums is to help individuals quit their habit through support, encouragement and by giving advice.  However, are they actually effective?

When you began looking into the subject of giving up your smoking addiction, you were probably slightly overwhelmed by the number of products and information out there all with the goal of helping you to quit.  this includes forums designed to support those quitting.  It is worth noting that anyone who has successfully given up smoking will promote the particular method that worked well for them, such as stop smoking hypnotherapy or nicotine patches.

The reason why quit smoking support forums may actually be one of the more effective ways to stop using tobacco and nicotine is they can help you to overcome the enemy (nicotine) and eventually you will give up.  However, the downside of these support forums is that they tend to be full of both useful and valuable information and unhelpful social commentary.

However, something that is not covered in many support forums is what we believe is the key to successfully quitting which is knowing how to do it.  Let’s take replacing the brake pads on your car for an example.  You wouldn’t even attempt to replace these unless you had read a manual that showed you how to do it.  Because if you did, without the necessary training or knowledge, you could cause further damage to your car.

Therefore, once you have worked out how to quit smoking, you no longer need support forums.  They are great for helping you to research the various methods people have found useful but other than that – they can be detrimental more than anything.

When you know how to give up smoking, you will know you are making the right decision.  However, if you don’t know it is like missing that vital step.  Furthermore, once you have learned how to quit smoking, you will be fully aware of the enemy, nicotine.  there is no shortage about this out there.  It never changes and has been the same as long as it has been in existence.  It relies on the same triggers and responses by users and it is these two aspects that caused you to be addicted for a long time.  However, because you know the triggers and responses related, it actually makes it easier to give up because there is nothing new.

So, by all means, use quit smoking support forums, but we are not entirely convinced they are actually the best way to stop smoking.  We feel that in order to stop smoking, you need to work out why you are doing it and alter that thought process.  Cognitive Behavioural therapy has proven to be very successful and is one method we think is worth pursuing.  However, the most important thing is that you give up this nasty habit – not only does it make you less appealing to people around you, but it also weakens your self-control and self-esteem, and that’s even without mentioning the obvious serious health risks.

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